Anonymous access to life-saving resources and information

readyACCESSviaSMS is a platform determined to address the prevention, treatment and recovery of opioid addiction.

Addressing the Opioid Epidemic

There is a lack of trust in today’s system to access information & resources anonymously, creating many barriers to seeking help.

readyACCESS has developed an anonymous way for people to access information about opioid-related resources without the need for a smartphone or internet connection. Now, getting information about nearby naloxone and opioid treatment and resources can be done anonymously by sending a text message – which is free to the end user.

Send any opioid-related question via SMS/text message to one of our numbers below and receive an immediate response.

• US/Canada Toll Free: +1.855.808.2808

• New England area: +1.617.275.4074

• New York area: +1.347.934.8005

Example questions include:

Where can I get naloxone in 02113?

What is fentanyl?

Where is the closest needle exchange?

The service is currently beta testing in New England, New York, and Ontario, Canada, with more locations launching soon.

readyACCESSviaSMS was founded at the 2016 CAMTech Opioid Epidemic Hack-A-Thon and selected as a finalist.

As featured in:
the Boston Globe MedTech Boston

Ongoing Development

The readyACCESS team has also begun development of an SMS-based, crowd-sourced emergency response system, which reaches a network of naloxone-carrying volunteers to prevent overdoses and save lives.

Our Team

Kevin Woghiren
Ian Andrew
Virat Gandhi
Lead Engineer

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